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We are all looking for a place, for a place where we can enjoy ourselves. Many of us find this place just in the busy heart of the city. Astor Food Room therefore was created in the centre of Budapest, where you can always be part of this pulsating city.

We believe that many people tend to find a cozy restaurant & bar where one can have a quick lunch, a nice dinner, a few cocktails just before the party or a lovely randez-vous. Astor Food Room is right there where it has to be: a few corners away from the Danube, next to the Jewish Quarter, in the middle of Budapest’s lovely downtown.

This place shall serve eveyone who love to be part of this lovely city and agrees: Budapest is the best place in the world.

    • foods

    • Sous vide chicken breast steak with sweet potato puree, zucchini roundel and confit cherry tomatos*

      3290 Ft/11,8 €
    • Hungarian goulash soup*

      1590 Ft/5,7 €
    • Blackberry-avocado ice cream with cashew*

      1390 Ft/5,0 €
    • Grilled goat cheese with marinated mango salad*

      1790 Ft/6,4 €

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    • drinks

    • Melone Tonic

      2390 Ft/8,5 €

      beefeater gin, midori, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, kinley tonic

    • Jiyu

      1990 Ft/7,1 €

      bacardi superior rum, chartreuse liqueur, green apple pureé, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, soda

    • Cuba Libre

      1990 Ft/7,1 €

      bacardi oakheart rum, angostura, fresh lime, sugar syrup, coca-cola

Reservation:   +36 70 335 1398
+36 70 335 1398